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Puck-ifier Review (A.K.A. The Puck)

I have been a believer in RH beads since the first time I used them two years ago. The only issue I had was making space for them in my humidors. The Puck takes care of that problem for me. The Puck was made to utilize RH beads and make them easy to place in your humidor without taking up any space. You can get it at Cigarmony¬†(new name is now as HB’s humidifiers) 70% or 65% relative humidity and...
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Stinky cigar ashtray review

Stinky Cigar Ashtray Review

Most of you have probably heard about Stinky ashtrays at some point. If not then now you have and you can find them at I seen these a while back and always thought they were very practical looking but always finding myself wanting to spend my cigar fund on cigars and not accessories. I finally got fed up with the having to use my travel single cigar ashtray that only held one ash (one to many times having to...
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Zippo blu review

Zipping Blu Review

I was gifted a Zippo Blu with a shipment that H.J. Bailey sent me a while back. The shipment was Don Ramon cigars for review and the Zippo was an added bonus. They have a wide range of choices to fit most any style. The one I have is customized with a Don Ramon logo on the front and H.J. Bailey Co. on the back including the phone number under it. Brand: Zippo Color: Varies Price: Check Current price Features...
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Xikar Cigar Cutter Review logo

Xikar Cigar Cutter Review

Xikar cigar cutters are very necessary for any cigar smoker. I have used Xikar cigar cutters for several years now and have tried all different models. The current review will look at the difference between the Xi2 and the Xi3 lines. I will start by giving some of the characteristics of xikar cigar cutters About Xikar Cigar Cutters Xikar cutters have Unique, cutting edge designs and exotic handles combined with polished stainless steel blades, which give these cutters a truly...
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Cigar Oasis II XL Review logo

Cigar Oasis II XL Review

About The Cigar Oasis II XL Cigar Oasis II XL is an electronic cigar humidifier which accurately controls the humidity in  display cases, armoires and other large cigar humidors over long periods of time. The new Cigar Oasis II XL controls and displays humidity using microprocessor electronics. It is an independent unit with the distilled water reservoir in the lower segment and the electronics in the upper segment. Easy to install and starts functioning immediately you fill it with water...
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