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About The Cigar Oasis II XL

Cigar Oasis II XL fans and displayCigar Oasis II XL is an electronic cigar humidifier which accurately controls the humidity in  display cases, armoires and other large cigar humidors over long periods of time.

The new Cigar Oasis II XL controls and displays humidity using microprocessor electronics. It is an independent unit with the distilled water reservoir in the lower segment and the electronics in the upper segment. Easy to install and starts functioning immediately you fill it with water and plug it into an outlet. The remote display has a 6-foot extension with control buttons to set the humidity. It comes with two additional fans that are on at all times to ensure constant airflow in the controlled space. The humidity control has a default setting of 70% RH, but also fully adjustable to suit your needs.

Our Cigar Oasis II XL Review

Cigar Oasis II XL Review

Here is my review. You can get bunch more customer reviews on Amazon here.

I’ve had this humidifier close to a year now. My cabinet holds over 4,000 cigars, and I own several low to high priced cigars so I always keep a close eye on the hygrometers to check the humidity levels and it has always stayed within an acceptable range.

Whenever the humidity drops below the set level, a red LED light turns on and the control blower turns on to replace the humidity allowing the humidifier to always keep your cigars in a constant range. And then when humidity drops below the desired point for over two hours, the display flashes, indicating low water in the humidor.

Cigar Oasis II XL is one of the most clear-cut cigar humidification systems available in the world today. It will keep your cigars at an ideal humidity for the best smoking experience.


A unique sensor measures the precise humidity in the humidor, and the signal is used to operate a control fan which returns the humidified air back to the humidor. This unit is usually shipped with a foam treated with an antifungal agent. The owner should fill the water reservoir containing the foam with distilled water only. It is reliable and ensures your cigars stay fresh always.

It has a cool design and comes with features every cigar lover looks for in a humidifier. The humidifier works as it should and does a great job.

The Cigar Oasis II XL is a great value for its price and much more quiet than the old unit was. I will say I finally got a humidifier that works well!

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