Puck-ifier Review (A.K.A. The Puck)

I have been a believer in RH beads since the first time I used them two years ago. The only issue I had was making space for them in my humidors. The Puck takes care of that problem for me. The Puck was made to utilize RH beads and make them easy to place in your humidor without taking up any space. You can get it at Cigarmony (new name is now as HB’s humidifiers) 70% or 65% relative humidity and they come in two different sizes. One that will regulate up to 405 cubic inches and the other will regulate up to 1050 cubic inches.

RH Beads

The Smithsonian and National Archives use RH beads to preserve our nations documents and artifacts. RH beads regulate, this means it not only gives out moisture it also collects it if it goes above the level you choose keeping it a controlled environment. And that means you don’t have to worry about mold. They last for ever so you will never need to replace them as long as you always charge them with distilled water.

The Puck

This was designed to replace the cheap round sponge/foam humidifier that comes with most desk top humidors. I have found that it is a little wide to fit the existing hole on my two 50 count humidors. If you find yourself with this issue just add an extra piece of Velcro and it then should sit flush. The Puck utilizes the RH bead technology.

Does it work?

RH beads work well, they work better if you have tight seal on your humidor. I charge my beads once every couple of months if that (depending how much I get in my humidor) in the summer and maybe every 4-6 weeks or so in the winter. The puck is using the same RH beads I have used the past two years the difference is I now have more room for more cigars.

Over all thoughts

The Puck is awesome! Even though the size is a little larger than the device it is replacing you will never find my desktops (or travel humidor) without it. All I can really say is Get The Puck!

Note: This has been re-marketed and is now called Humidity Bead System.


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