Stinky Cigar Ashtray Review

Most of you have probably heard about Stinky ashtrays at some point. If not then now you have and you can find them at I seen these a while back and always thought they were very practical looking but always finding myself wanting to spend my cigar fund on cigars and not accessories. I finally got fed up with the having to use my travel single cigar ashtray that only held one ash (one to many times having to get up out of my comfortable chair) and went on a buying spree a couple weeks back. I got this at the same time I picked up my Bobken for my truck. When I placed my order Stinky (not Stinkie aka me) agreed to send me an extra one to give away to a lucky winner of an upcoming contest on the forum. I thought that deserved a review of this beautiful thing, so lets get to it.

Brand: Stinky
Color: Stainless Steal
Price: $29.99 Buy Now

Stinky ashtray review

About Stinky

Like me he got his online name from his wife when he started smoking cigars. The first thing I noticed is that he seems very confident in his product from the couple times I have spoke to him through email. Besides with a name like stinky he’s gotta be cool right?

The Stinky Cigar Ashtray’s Story (from his site):

As you know, I developed this ashtray out of a need at our weekly herf. We need bigger ashtrays! The first Stinky Cigar Ashtray was a second hand silver bowl that I had for years. In January of 2004, I took three souvenir coins to a radiator shop and had them soldered to the rim. The guys loved it and wanted me to make some for them. It was a lot of work, so I said no. Each week they would repeat their desire to have a large bowl ashtray.

Out of curiosity I contacted a company in India and started researching the idea. In March of 2004 I attended the NATO convention here in Las Vegas. I only had the original Silver plated ashtray and one makeshift stainless steel prototype. Most of the cigar storeowners seemed to like the idea. At that time I was laid off work and found myself doing a lot of research and corresponding with a company in India. They quoted me prices for a minimum order of 10,000 pieces, tooling costs and the cost to produce and deliver samples. I figured there was plenty of time to get samples in time for the RTDA in July of 2004.

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Stinky Cigar ashtray Review

Stinky cigar ashtray review

This ashtray was made to be used, looking good is a bonus. You can choose from a three or a four stirrup. I have the three because the other was on backorder (I think he has them in now, I just couldn’t wait). The large stirrups hold your cigar without any trouble all the way down to the nub. The shine from the stainless steal can blind you so be warned. The bowl is also a lot bigger than I thought. It should hold all the ash you can throw at it during your local in-house herf. If you need one for a large gathering you might want to look at the Herf Edition(HUGE!). It seems to be very well made and has some weight behind it. If you drop it you might dent it but I can’t see this thing breaking on you.

Over all

Like I said above, this thing looks good and is made for use. I love mine and would recommend these to anyone looking for a new ashtray. I might pick up some more to give out for Christmas this year to my cigar smoking friends.

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