Zipping Blu Review

I was gifted a Zippo Blu with a shipment that H.J. Bailey sent me a while back. The shipment was Don Ramon cigars for review and the Zippo was an added bonus.

They have a wide range of choices to fit most any style. The one I have is customized with a Don Ramon logo on the front and H.J. Bailey Co. on the back including the phone number under it.

Zippo blu review


About Zippo

Zippo was founded in Bradford, Pennsylvania in 1932 by George G. Blaisdell. He was born on June 5, 1895, in Bradford. On the surface of it, young George Blaisdell hardly seemed like someone who would find success in the brutal years of the Depression. He had very little formal education. He hated school; walked out of fifth grade and told his family he wasn’t going back.

His father bundled him off to a military academy, but young George Blaisdell lasted only two years there before he was summarily dismissed. His father put him to work in the family business – the Blaisdell Machinery Company – where he learned metal work, a skill that would come in handy in the germination stages of the Zippo lighter nearly thirty years later.

After World War I, he took over the family business, then sold the machinery company in 1920 and put the money in oil. The 20s roared – then stopped. Oil plunged – along with just about everything else – into the Great Depression. In Bradford, PA, where years of oil-boom business seemed invulnerable, the effects of the Depression were deeply felt.

Sarah Dorn provides this account of her father in the early days of Zippo: “My father hated the oil business. He wasn’t particularly good at it; in fact, he was a man for whom the boom was bust. He didn’t have the temperament for it. The one thing he did know in the early ‘30s was that he needed to do something, because those days were tough. There wasn’t a lot of money lying about then, but he went to everybody to get the money to launch Zippo Manufacturing Company. Nobody had any faith in it. It seemed like a foolish, harebrained idea. And it was. Imagine: manufacturing and marketing a lighter for $1.95 when that amount of money fed a family. What kept him going? I think whatever it was, it was tinged with desperation. He had to make this work. For him and his family, as they say now, there was no Plan B.”

Zippo Blu Review

It’s a Zippo what else can I say? The quality is as good as what you are use to. When the flint strikes it starts a nice flame that does not fail. Looks like it can be adjusted on the bottom but I didn’t have to touch it. It has a window on the side showing you how much gas you have in your lighter so you can check on your way out the door. This also makes it easy to refill. I have never had a cigar lighter that cost over $20 and always seem to have trouble getting them to refill. I have filled this one many of times and have never had an issue. Fills up in two pumps. That brings me to one of the cons of the lighter. The time between refills is about 3-4 cigars. Being a jet this is expected but I thought it would last a little longer. The flint is easy to replace by lifting up on the flint wheel and just like the traditional Zippo you get the world famous guarantee.

Over all

I really enjoy using this lighter and have not used anything else since I got it. I love the clink when you open and close a Zippo. If you like using a Zippo I don’t think you will be disappointed plus you won’t get the taste of lighter fluid.

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