Cigar 101: Cigar Suggestions for New Cigar Smokers

While samplers offer a great way to try new smokes, often offering a variety of different brands at impressive prices, a little bit of guidance about the taste of the cigars within these samplers can be very useful to new and prospective customers. Additionally, selecting a sampler of a cigar that sounds like one you’d enjoy is certainly a good idea.

The following list is not a paid advertisement(s), but rather a collection of some of the admittedly high-quality brands around, in regards to specific flavors, burn speed, and price, in order to provide some guidance based for those seeking a new cigar—specifically written with new smokers in mind. While it’s not the definitive list of perfect cigars for all new smokers, the list offers great places to start in regards to a few general types of cigars.

Sweet/Infused Cigars
Although many traditional and old-school smokers aren’t fans of Infused cigars, most smokers enjoy them, as the best of them are well-built, utilizing the various positive qualities that made old cigars so great, while placing a new and exciting twist on the overall smoking experience. One of the best Infused cigar makers around is Drew Estate (although they don’t exclusively produce Infused cigars), and the quality of their Infused smokes can be found especially in the Acid cigar line. The cigars are sweet, well-built, fairly priced, and enjoyable from start to finish. You can’t go wrong with any readily available Acid, but the Blondie and Kuba Kuba are certainly great options for newcomers to the brand—but it’s nearly impossible to find a bad Acid (avoid the Wafe!) . Additionally, the higher-end Dolce Vita cigars (those that aren’t pre-cut) offer a viable option for fans of sweet cigars, and are available at affordable prices.

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Cheap, long-burning Cigars
There are quite a few brands of cigars that can be listed here, as makers have really gone all-out in producing low-priced and long-burning cigars. Great for those on a budget, those with casual guests that need to be entertained, and/or those that simply need an appropriately priced cigar to enjoy during outdoor activities, these types of cigars should probably occupy a place in every smoker’s humidor—everyone needs an affordable smoke sometime!

The Hesitant Pirate is a great option for an affordable and long-burning smoke. At right around a dollar a piece, and burning for about forty-minutes, these mild-bodied smokes may not have the most sophisticated taste around, but they’re still all-around pleasant cigars that will please the pallet, as well as the wallet.

The Dolce Vita Cafe Espresso Maduro Figurado Coffee flavored cigar is another interesting option for a good price. Although many of the cigars will suffer from draw issues, when the cigars burn properly, the quality is undeniable. The mild-bodied, smooth, and pre-cut cigars are great for casual smokers and aficionados alike. At $2.50/stick (or less), the Dolce Vita is a tempting option for smokers on a budget that are looking for an exciting and tasty cigar. However, if you run into burning/draw issues with your box, don’t be afraid to complain—the reaction from the cigar’s fan base will accelerate the improvement of the cigar, allowing it to be regarded with the elite smokes of the cigar world. As of late, the composition of the pre-cut Dolce Vita cigars seems to have improved, however.

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Cigarillos/Miniature Cigars
Cigarillos are another category of smokes that cigar aficionados often fret at—and rightfully so. Many “cigar smokers” will assume that they’re smoking a high-quality, hand-rolled cigar when in actuality they have a (poorly) factory-produced cigarillo in their mouth, that’s been marked up to a price near that of a full-sized cigar.

While the stereotype does have some merit, the truth is that cigarillos and miniature cigars can be well-made, to a similar degree of quality as regular cigars, serving as great quick smokes for when you’re on the go, or in need of a smoke to entertain some guests that probably wouldn’t make through a full-sized smoke.

The Miami Suites miniature cigar brand is becoming harder and harder to find, both online and in stores, but if you can get your hands on a pack, you won’t be disappointed. The regular packages contain five cigars, and vary in price from location to location.The individual cigars have a good draw and slow burn (about fifteen to twenty minutes), interesting taste, and very pleasant aroma. The brand may be enough to change your opinion on the entire cigarillo/miniature cigar type of smokes, if you aren’t currently a fan.

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Customer reviews and, more importantly, personal experience, will help you to find out which brand is your favorite. However, for new smokers in need of a good place to start, the above list offers some helpful guidance through the process. You might not like every cigar listed above, but an exciting part of enjoying cigars is trying new brands—you never know which smoke will be your favorite, and if or when another will prove to be even better!

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