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The Acid Blondie is perhaps the most popular of the widely smoked Acid cigars. I’ve enjoyed multiple Blondies before writing this review, so I know that I’ve experienced enough of the cigar (and the brand) to get an accurate view of the texture, composition, and taste, which can vary with individual cigars of the same brand.

The taste of the Blondie is impressive right off the bat—even before it’s lit the taste of the cigar can be enjoyed. The outer wrapper is infused with a sweet, powerful, and unique taste, which is strong enough to be unlike anything that you’ve smoked, but isn’t overpowering; this taste becomes gradually milder, especially after the first few minutes of smoking.

The taste of the smoke produced by the Blondie is consistently smooth and enjoyable—like the taste of the outer wrapper, the smoke is unique. It’s smooth, sweet, and enjoyable, and in my experience, never became overpowering or bitey, like many other cigars do (especially towards their ends). The smoothness of the smoke, as well as the fact that it isn’t, and doesn’t become, too strong makes the taste a great one for regular and casual cigar smokers alike.

The length and quality of the burns are similarly excellent. The length of the smokes clocked in consistently at around thirty-five minutes (they are smaller cigars, with lower costs). Additionally, the burns stayed even in all but one of the cigars (a small relight solved this)—a consistency not found in most cigars.

The reason that the length and quality of the burn are so consistent is because of the quality of the composition of the body of the Blondie. The entire box that I am basing this review on (as well as all, so far, of the next one) stayed together entirely throughout the burn; there weren’t any hanging leaves, or loose pieces of tobacco in any of the cigars. While creating a more enjoyable smoke in its own right, this high-quality composition is the reason why the cigar burns so evenly and efficiently; it’s the reason that the Blondie is such a widely trusted and consistently enjoyed cigar.

The sweet taste and overall “new” feel: of the cigar may not impress all traditional cigar smokers, as well as those that have plainer preferences, and enjoy more basic cigars. This is at no fault of the Blondie; its uniqueness is one of its best qualities. If you or someone you know is one of these traditional smokers that have, for the previously stated reason, decided not to try the Blondie, I’d strongly suggest trying at least one. A friend of mine, with tastes similar to this, begrudgingly tried the Blondie at my insistence (he is a big Romeo y Julieta fan), and was pleasantly surprised. Although he only smokes them semi-regularly, Blondies have become a frequent part of his lineup, mixing things up between his main cigars. Although he isn’t a huge fan of the sweet taste of the Blondie (and similar cigars) on paper, the high-quality of the smoke appealed to his love of cigars overall; this may be the case with many old-school smokers.

However, not everyone will like the Blondie. For those that try the cigar and simply don’t find the taste appealing, nothing else can be done; it’s a simple matter of preference. For the vast majority of smokers—new and old, occasional and regular—the Blondie is or will be viewed as a welcome revolution in cigars. Additionally, it does or will hold a special and frequent place inside their humidors. It’s sweet, enjoyable, smooth, well-built, consistent, and affordable. The Blondie is a must-try for anyone that likes cigars.

I give it a 4.5/5. While the taste is incredible, some other, high-end cigars—a very select few—are even better tasting and more enjoyable (one that comes to mind is the fellow Acid, Kuba Kuba). However, for the cost, and generally, the Blondie is one of the top cigars around.

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