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The Acid Cold Infusion is yet another excellent cigar from one of the most popular brands around today in Acid. It is masterfully built, like most other Acids, and tastes just as incredible as fans of the brand have come to expect from its cigars. Although it’s less popular than the Blondie and Kuba Kuba, longtime fans of the brand and entirely new cigar smokers alike should try it; it’s different enough to separate itself from the other cigars that share the same brand name, and to command a designated spot in any smoker’s humidor.

The taste of the Infusion is sweet and unique, like other Acids, but different in its composition than any of the other blends. The Infusion has a simpler and less pronounced taste than the Blondie, and it has a taste that stays consistently noticeable throughout the smoke. While the Blondie features an outer wrapping with a powerful and sweet taste right off the bat, that becomes gradually weaker, the Infusion is slightly less potent, but lasts longer. Furthermore, the taste of the Infusion has a honey-like element to it, separating it from the Blondie and Kuba. The taste never becomes bitter or unpleasant, and may in fact stay smoother than other Acids, as the sweet taste stays noticeable throughout the entire smoke. This is a true achievement, and is rarely seen in cigars—Acid and otherwise.

The build of the Cold Infusion, like other Acids, is excellent. The wrapper and tobacco will stay intact—nothing will ever become loose or break apart from the cigar. The well-built cigar burns evenly, and never becomes uneven on one side or the other. Additionally, the smoke won’t extinguish at any point of the burning. Expect the cigar to last about forty-five minutes, as it is a good size, and burns slowly. The additional consistency of the taste reduces the need to take multiple puffs as well, also helping the cigar to last longer.

The draw of the cigar is expectedly easy and smooth. It won’t be a hassle to draw smoke at any point of the cigar’s burn. This is yet another positive confirmation of the quality of the cigar’s make, as well as the make of the vast, vast majority of all Acid cigars.

Overall, the Infusion is an incredible cigar. It may not be quite as potent as the Blondie or Kuba Kuba, but that’s a good thing. It separates itself from other Acid cigars by being different in this way. It’s a great smoke for those that feel like other Acids taste good, but are too potent or strong. While it’s not quite as popular as some of these other Acid cigars, it is a high-quality smoke. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a negative of the cigar—in composition, taste, or elsewhere. If you’re on the fence about trying an Acid Cold Infusion cigar, don’t be. It lives up to (and possibly exceeds) the usual quality of its brand, generally, and the fellow cigars under that brand, and shouldn’t be missed by new smokers and aficionados alike.

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