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Another testament to the quality of Drew Estate cigars, the Acid Kuba Kuba Sumatro Robusto Infused cigar is popular—and rightfully so. It is a further testament of not only the quality of Drew Estate cigars, but Acid cigars as well. It propels both the Acid brand and Drew Estate to new levels, and raises the bar for just how good cigars produced under the names are supposed to be. It goes to great lengths to prove the accuracy of the statement on the back of its wrapper, which claims that the Drew Estate brand is “The Rebirth of Cigars”.

The taste of the Kuba is similarly powerful to other Acids, such as the Blondie and the Toast. The outer wrapper is flavored, and emits a taste of its own. Similarly to the way that this outer-taste becomes lighter as the smoke progresses in other Acid cigars, this taste drowns out after a little while as well. However, it does last longer than all of the other Acid cigars that I’ve smoked (I’ve smoked nearly all of them). Additionally, the quality of this taste—as well as that of the smoke—is simply better than other Acids, and accordingly, most other cigars. When trying to explain just how this taste is better than that of other Acids (which were already incredible), one will find some difficulty, but will know the truth of the statement after they’ve smoked a Kuba. It’s simply a smoother, different flavor that is of a higher quality than those presented by other Acids.

The composition and build of the cigar are as impressive as fans of the Acid brand expect. But, like the taste, the bar is raised just a little further. While other Acids may have occasional, very minor, loose components, the same cannot be said of the Kuba. Not once have I experienced a malfunction of any kind while smoking the cigar. The draw is as even as you’d expect from something that is somehow better-built than other Acids, meaning that it draws perfectly.
The burn, as you can probably guess, stayed even for the duration of the smoke, which generally lasts about forty-five minutes (if you take your time, to fully enjoy the cigar!). It didn’t, at any point, run, or even burn in anything but a perfect circle, straight down the cigar.

The Kuba Kuba will amaze first-time Acid smokers and dedicated fans of the brand alike. It’s as well-built and well-constructed as Acid smokers have come to expect, and then some. Furthermore, the taste is elevated to another level. It’s smoother and better-tasting than other Acids, which isn’t easily achievable. It costs slightly more than the other Acids as well, but the additional cost is well worth it, and shouldn’t deter potential purchasers. The Acid Kuba Kuba Sumatro Robusto Infused cigar will find a reserved spot in most smokers’ humidors, if they give it a chance.

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