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Acid cigars take big risks in their taste and feel, and have achieved a great deal of success and popularity by doing so. The cigars are well-built, and the taste of Acids is sweet, enjoyable, and smooth, all while being different from anything else you’ve smoked. Although they’re not for everyone, when a cigar aficionado is speaking objectively, it will be hard to point out any glaring flaws in the cigar line, regardless of one’s personal opinions of the taste that it presents. Acid has taken numerous big risks, and most of them have paid off, with the end result being a selection of top-notch cigars at affordable prices. The brand hasn’t (successfully) reinvented the wheel (it didn’t need to be reinvented, evidently), but has injected a new and fresh taste, while taking note of and paying respect to the history of cigars up to this point, and implementing the positives of these past cigars as well.

An interesting cigar by the brand is the Acid Wafe. The Wafe is interesting mainly because of its unique build, as it is shaped (and about the thickness of) a USB flash drive. While it tastes good, as all other Acids, a plethora of serious problems plague the Wafe, and make it hard to recommend to anybody.

The taste of the Wafe, as mentioned, is great. Like all other Acids, it is sweet, smooth, enjoyable, and consistent, not becoming bitter or unenjoyable at any point of the smoke. Although the taste is great, it certainly isn’t better than that of the other Acids. Some may argue that it’s on par with the Blondie (which is hard to dispute, because of the opinionated nature of the statement), but I don’t think longtime Acid smokers, largely, will feel this way. It doesn’t offer anything that the Blondie (and other Acid cigars) don’t offer themselves, in terms of taste.

The composition and build of the Wafe is where you’ll run into serious trouble. Although the design is interesting, it proves to be undesirable in terms of the shape of a cigar, ultimately. While smoking the cigar, the burn ran underneath the cigar entirely, and despite my efforts, I couldn’t establish an even burn. When the cigar was finished, the burn had run entirely unevenly, and the bottom half of the cigar was essentially unused. It simply couldn’t be brought to light and burn. Additionally, at around the last inch or so, the cigar became incredibly hot, and was entirely unsmokable. Based upon the heat of other Acids (and other cigars, generally) I can say without a doubt that the Wafe ran significantly hotter towards the end than regularly built and shaped cigars. Even before the last inch, the cigar was uncomfortably warm. Keep in mind that the entire thing wasn’t evenly burning at this point, either. I can only imagine the heat at this point had the entire cigar been functioning properly.

Furthermore, unlike other Acids and regularly built cigars, the Wafe burned very, very quickly. Although the entire thing wasn’t burning evenly (through no fault of my own), and may have burned longer had it been doing so, the entire smoke clocked in at around ten minutes. Even if the time essentially doubled when the cigar was evenly burning (which is doubtful), it would only clock in at twenty minutes.

There’s nothing wrong with short-burning cigars and cigarillos in their own right, but the problem with the Wafe is that it burns in the time of a cigarillo, yet has the price tag of a regular cigar. Additionally, the burn is, once again, not very good.

Acid has done a lot for cigars, overall. They’ve attracted many new smokers, as well as longtime enjoyers, to their brand. They’ve proven that it is possible to remember and implement the positives of classic smokes with a fresh and new taste. The brand’s ability to take chances and try things that others haven’t is the reason why it’s so great.

However, certain aspects of cigars don’t need new life or change. The composition of cigars is one of these aspects. The cylinder shape has served both cigar smokers and cigar makers well for a very long time, and will continue to do so for even longer. With the Wafe, Acid tried to reinvent the wheel, even though the wheel was doing just fine. This is the first thing that Acid has reinvented that simply didn’t need any new life. The results speak for themselves. The Acid Wafe isn’t a good smoke—the burn is uneven and short, and the cigar gets very hot because of its design. The price doesn’t help things either. Avoid the Wafe and enjoy another Acid for the same price. 2/5

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