Brick House Robusto Natural

Product Name:Brick House Natural
Brand:Brick House
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The Brick House Robusto Natural is a cigar that is (like many other well-made and affordable cigars) becoming more popular every day. It’s an impressively composed, good-tasting, and overall enjoyable smoke.

The taste of the Brick House is relatively plain, with a variety of more basic tastes engrained into the cigar; those that are interested in an affordable and good-tasting cigar like an Acid, but believe that the taste is a little too sweet and overpowering will probably enjoy the Brick House. Additionally, as a big fan of Acid cigars, I also enjoy the Brick House regularly. However, I can’t smoke them every day without becoming overly used to (and in need of a break from) the taste; this isn’t a negative of the cigar, but rather a component my own tastes. I mention it because smokers that enjoy more powerfully flavored cigars may feel the same way, or be uninterested in the Brick House altogether. However, just because the taste isn’t quite as powerful or nearly as sweet as any Acid cigar doesn’t mean that it isn’t of a high quality; make no mistake about it, it is. Furthermore, the taste of the Brick House never becomes overpowering or bitter; it is consistently plain, smooth, and enjoyable, throughout the entire smoke.


Similarly consistent to the taste is the body and composition of the Brick House. Although I only smoke the Brick House semi-regularly (I’ve smoked about a box worth), not one of the cigars has had so much as a single piece of the wrapper, or any tobacco, come loose. I was surprised and impressed by this, especially initially; for the price, and in comparison to other cigars generally, this is a welcome rarity.
Expectedly, the Brick House lit well, and burned evenly for each of the smokes. One cigar required a small relight, but that was probably a result of my poor initial lighting. The draw was consistently smooth, and it was never hard to puff away.


The Brick House is a rather full-bodied cigar, however. It is relatively long (the ones that I smoked were five inches), and the strength of the tobacco may leave first-time or casual smokers feeling a little bit overpowered. I must admit that, because I generally smoke cigars with milder tobacco, I had to slow down my puffs while smoking the Brick House. While enjoyable and smooth, the cigar is also pretty strong. I’d recommend watching your smoke rate if you’re used to enjoying slightly milder tobacco regularly as well. First-time smokers should probably try something more mild, to get a feel for what type of cigar they prefer. It isn’t too strong or overpowering by any means, but the Brick House may be a little bit more than some smokers are used to.


It’s hard to find anything bad to say about a cigar like the Brick House. The taste is enjoyable and strong, without being too much. Every Brick House that I’ve smoked has been well-composed, evenly burning, and has had an exceptional draw. The price is also affordable, making the cigar a great option to fill (or help to fill) anyone’s humidor. The only thing stopping the cigar from a perfect rating is the general content of its taste; many smokers will, after enjoying the Brick House regularly, become a little bit uninterested with the plain and powerful taste. Additionally, giving the Robusto Natural a perfect rating implies that nothing else can be done to improve upon the quality of the smoke; that this is the best cigar around.


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