CAO Gold Honey Corona

Product Name:CAO Gold Honey Corona
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The CAO Flavours Gold Honey Corona is a solid infused smoke from the ever-emerging and widely appreciated CAO cigar company. After the success and enjoyment of numerous non-infused cigars, the natural progression of CAO was to increase their production to encompass infused smokes—and they carry the same level of quality over to these types of cigars as well. The Gold Honey Corona is a well-built, even-burning, smooth and good-tasting smoke from CAO, available at a relatively affordable price.

The taste of the CAO Gold Honey, as one can expect, is sweet and honey-based—but not overwhelmingly so. Real honey is used in the smoke’s production process, as proven by its scent, taste, and the swarming bee that met me outside while I was enjoying it (I was tempted to claim that I was stung, but in addition to being untrue, that would be slightly less believable. The bee really did notice, though!). This well-balanced honey flavor is fused with some high-quality, mild tobacco, and fans can expect a smooth and enjoyable smoke until the last puff.

Especially because of its price and mild body, the Gold Honey Corona is an excellent option for casual or occasional smokers. Furthermore, as is the case with many infused smokes, there isn’t an incredible amount of diversity in the tobacco flavors of the Gold Honey; whatever one experiences in terms of taste will be enjoyable, however.

The quality of the CAO Gold Honey Corona’s composition is stellar. The wrapper is strong, and won’t become loose or begin to hang at any point of the burn. The cigar also burns evenly, boasting a correspondingly smooth and free draw. Given all of this composition quality, as well as the even taste of the smoke, there’s no denying that a lot of time and effort was put into its production by CAO—even if one isn’t a fan of its taste.

The value of the CAO Gold Honey is very good. As is mentioned in every cigar review, one must be sure that he or she is a fan of infused smokes before making the purchase. While many smokers avoid them, many others enjoy them (when of a high quality, obviously). Furthermore, at a reduced price of just under $3 per stick on many sites, the CAO Gold Honey presents an outstanding value for interested smokers, and could be an excellent gift for casual or new smokers as well. However, it should be noted that this cost does frequently fluctuate, so when a good deal is around, it’s best to make the purchase.

Overall, the CAO Gold Honey is worth a buy from interested smokers. Its taste isn’t terribly diverse, nor is it meant to be. Its composition is strong, and the value and taste are impressive, culminating to form an enjoyable overall smoke. It won’t begin a loving relationship between longtime infused cigar opponents and the style of smoke, but it will appeal to the casual smoker, as well as the all-encompassing aficionado looking to mix things up.

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