M. J. Frias Picadura Blend

Product Name:M. J. Frias Picadura
Brand:M. J. Frias
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The M. J. Frias Picadura Blend Churchill is a mild, smooth, and free-drawing budget smoke that will please most smokers. While the cigar isn’t incredibly diverse in its taste, there is some noticeable change in flavor as the smoke progresses. The Picadura Blend’s composition is solid, despite some minor wrapper imperfections; moreover, these imperfections aren’t at all debilitating, as the smoke maintains a free draw and even burn until the end. The Picadura Blend’s value is amongst its strongest characteristics, as it sells for a price of just over $1 per stick. Overall, this is a solid smoke that certainly isn’t groundbreaking, but is worth the purchase—especially for the price.

The taste of the Picadura Blend is enjoyable, and largely spice-based. These spices are reasonably well-blended and smooth during the first portion—say forty minutes—of the smoke, but the cigar is better-suited for specifically slower puffing (overlapping results in some additional harshness, while slowing down allows for more flavors and complexities to be enjoyed). These spice flavors mesh well with some hints of coffee and earth, along with general smoky tobacco. The final portion of the smoke, past the forty minute mark (there’s still a lot more to go past this point, as the cigar maintains a surprisingly cool light) becomes even smoother, and the flavors really do culminate in an enjoyable fashion. Overall, the taste of the Picadura Blend isn’t perfect, but it’s pleasant nonetheless —specifically during its strong final showing.

The composition of the Picadura Blend is unexpectedly sound. Given the price of the cigar, as well as some wrapper imperfections that are noticeable immediately, this is a satisfying surprise. The cigar maintains an even burn throughout the majority of its light, and always boasts an impressive and free draw. Additionally, the cigar burns impressively smoothly, and can be smoked down to less than an inch without becoming hot—an impressive achievement. Despite a less-than-stellar appearance, the Picadura Blend is actually a very well-made cigar.

The value of the Picadura Blend, as was mentioned, is impressive. Even though the cigar is once again far-from-perfect, its outstanding price of just over $1 is hard to argue against. It’s usually not a good thing when a cigar’s highest point is its value, but in this case, it really is a positive; this impressive value cements the cigar’s status as an enjoyable and recommendable overall smoke.

It won’t win any awards, but the M. J. Frias Picadura Blend Churchill is good. Nothing here is perfect—both the taste and the composition have some imperfections—but to drive it home once more, there is a lot to enjoy for the price.

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