Dolce Vita Cafe Espresso Maduro Figurado Coffee

Product Name:Dolce Vita Cafe Edition Espresso
Brand:Dolce Vita
Strength/Body:Mild to Medium
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Dolce Vita is a cigar brand that is rapidly gaining new fans. The brand’s consistent flavor, affordable prices, and unique structure have certainly fueled this growth. I’ve smoked quite a few types of Dolce Vitas, but this review will be about the Dolce Vita Cafe Espresso Maduro Figurado Coffee flavored cigar, which is probably the most popular of the brand.

The taste of the Dolce Vita Café is enjoyable right off the bat. Although it is coffee flavored, according to the description, I’ve always gotten a sizeable taste of some sort of chocolate when I smoke the cigar. Maybe this is my love for chocolate talking, but I believe the taste is benefited by additional, subtle flavorings. In any case, the taste of the cigar is excellent. It’s sweet, smooth, and enjoyable. The cigar is very mild (both the small and large sized ones, although the smaller ones are stronger), and never becomes too powerful or unenjoyable. Make no mistake about it; the taste of the Dolce Vita Café is its best feature.

The structure and composition of the cigar are another story, however. Although the entire first box of both the small and large Cafes that I, along with occasional friends, smoked were well-composed, the boxes after that weren’t. These first boxes had some minor problems; leaves would become loose semi-regularly, burns would sometimes run uneven, and drawing smoke would become temporarily labored and difficult at certain points. These problems were experienced few and far between, and didn’t affect my interest in purchasing additional Dolce Vitas.

The next box, however, is where I experienced trouble, and the largest flaw of the cigar became evident. The minor problems that plagued the first box with composition were present, but the overall builds were noticeably worse. Several of the cigars had difficulty lighting at all (I had to give up on one entirely; it was simply rolled too tightly to draw smoke). Many others were labored from the beginning, and I’d find myself pinching, plugging, and poking the cigars just to try and get a draw. Accordingly, the cigars in this box burned unevenly, and often went out. Additionally, several of the cigars burned without a hitch; it was a nervous process trying to “choose” a well-composed cigar from the humidor!

Perhaps this mishap was due to the Café’s structure; the cigars have a pre-determined mouthpiece, and don’t need to be cut. The cigar becomes gradually smaller in circumference towards the mouthpiece end, and ultimately turns into the ready-cut end of the cigar. I’m not sure if this makes the cigars easier to wrap too tightly (based on the first boxes, as well as friend’s Cafes, I don’t believe so). Whether or not this composition plays a part in the low-quality burning of my latest Cafes, the end result is the same: the experience was unacceptable.
The cost of the Dolce Vita Café Maduro is another of its great features. The cigars are very affordable, especially compared to other similar cigar brands. The taste is additionally excellent. Those two high-points are strongly considered in my reviewing process. The composition of the second box of Cafes that I received was, once again, unacceptable. The bodies of the cigars, at their best, have minor problems—nothing that inhibits the experience or burn, however. The latest box featured several cigars that were essentially unburnable, which I also considered when reaching a score of 3/5 for the Dolce Vita Cafe Espresso Maduro Figurado Coffee flavored cigar.

At its best, the cigar is an affordable, smooth, tasty, and enjoyable smoke that is one of the best around for the cost. At its worst, the Dolce Vita Café is a terribly rolled and composed cigar that can be unusable. The problem is, you don’t know which version will show up inside your purchased box.

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