Don Lino Millennium Toro

Product Name:Millennium
Brand:Don Lino
Don Lino Millennium Toro
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The Don Lino Millennium Toro is a solid overall smoke, with an impressive composition and enjoyable taste that increases drastically in quality when the cigar is given time to season. The Millennium’s taste is a bit rough on the light, and isn’t overly diverse, but is still enjoyable when all things are considered. The cigar is expertly crafted, boasting an admittedly top-notch composition. The value of the Millennium is a bit harder to pinpoint, as at the time of this writing, Don Lino is just getting his brand back off of the ground, and the prices of his smokes are unsustainably low, to attract fans back to the brand. However, assuming that the price will increase a reasonable amount, the value of this smoke is still pretty good; at these current prices, this value is ultra-impressive, however. Overall, despite its flaws, the Don Lino Millennium Toro is an enjoyable smoke.

The taste of the Don Lino Millennium isn’t perfect, as was said. In addition to being a bit harsh for the first few minutes of the smoke after the light, the flavors in the cigar aren’t particularly diverse. This initial harshness and overall taste can be reduced and increased in severity and quality, respectively, with a bit of rest in one’s humidor. Smokers can expect to enjoy flavors of tobacco, spice, leather, and a bit of cedar in the cigar. These flavors (along with the overall taste) are much more appealing when the cigar is enjoyed slowly (in terms of one’s puff rate, that is). With all of these things considered, the Millennium doesn’t have a perfect taste, but is solid-tasting as a whole.

The composition of the Don Lino Millennium Toro is impressive straight out of the box. The cigar’s wrapper is strong, and won’t become loose or begin to hang at any point of the smoke. Once a complete initial light is achieved, the smoke will burn evenly and slowly until the very last puff. The Millennium also sports a free and easy draw, as one would expect. Make no mistake about it; the Millennium is a great example of a cigar that was very carefully crafted. This composition is impressive when compared to other smokes in the Don Lino brand, as well as all cigars generally.

As was mentioned initially, the value of the Millennium is difficult to evaluate at the current point of its run. As Don Lino has just begun producing cigars in large quantities again, his smokes are essentially being given away to attract new fans. Obviously, for the price of shipping, the cigar is certainly one that’s worth enjoying. However, even with the expected price increase of the future, one is receiving a well-composed and solid smoke; a sampler should be tried to determine if the taste of the Millennium is appealing enough to warrant a purchase at its ultimately more expensive price (whatever it may be).

Overall, the Don Lino Millennium Toro is a solid smoke. Regardless of one’s feelings about its taste, the overall quality and care put into its craft makes clear that Don Lino is back with some enjoyable smokes. It’s hard to say if this is cigar is suitable for a smoker, but at its current sampler price (which stands to hold in the near future), go for it.

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