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Brand:Drew Estate
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The Drew Estate Natural (Shorty size) is another exciting and high-quality offering from the renowned infused cigar manufacturer of Drew Estate. Although DE is still most widely known for their ultra-popular Acid line, there are quite a few other top-notch lines of smokes under the company’s umbrella—the Natural included. The taste of the cigar is sweet—as one would expect from its infused nature—with hints of chocolate noticeable throughout. Just like most other Drew Estate smokes, the actual tobacco blend in the Natural is of a decidedly impressive quality—resulting in a smooth all-around taste. The composition of the Natural is generally excellent, although touch-up relights will be required on occasion. The value of the smoke is impressive, given its commonly reduced price—one shouldn’t be surprised to see the Natural being sold for $3 per stick on many sites. Overall, the Natural is yet another enjoyable infused smoke from Drew Estate.

The taste of the Natural Shorty is impressive, but the powerful (yet not overwhelming) sweetness of the cigar certainly won’t be enjoyable for every smoker. This taste of this mild to medium-bodied smoke is complemented by high-quality tobacco, and as one would expect, the ultimate culmination of flavors make for an enjoyable overall experience. However, it should be noted that the taste of the Natural directly out of the box is often noticeably harsh—these smokes are best enjoyed after some time (at least a few weeks) inside the humidor. While many smokers expect this rest time with all cigars, it should be noted here because Acid cigars smoked directly out of the box don’t have this sort of initial harshness. With all things considered, the taste of the Natural Shorty is enjoyable—but is just ever-so-slightly behind all of the Acid offerings.

The composition of the Natural Shorty is generally good, but some sticks will admittedly require a few touch-up relights. With an impressive, free draw and durable wrapper, the occasional burn issues of the Natural will certainly surprise many Drew Estate fans. While not debilitating, these issues are amplified due to the name of the brand behind them, as well as the inevitable comparisons to Acid smokes. However, the Natural is a largely well-composed cigar in its own right—even if it isn’t quite as consistent as any Acid smoke.

The value of the Natural Shorty is where it shines. Although regular pricing is much more expensive, the sales price of the Natural—which is widely offered—makes the smoke an absolute bargain. At around $3 per stick, there really isn’t any reason for fans of Drew Estate or infused smokes in general to purchase some Naturals. Granted, this price may increase once again in the future, but the current cost offers a great opportunity for interested cigar fans to find out just how much they’re willing to pay if and when it does.

With all things considered, the Drew Estate Natural Shorty is an impressive infused smoke. The comparisons between this smoke and its Acid cousins are once again inevitable, and the short answer to the question of which is better for those who have yet to experience both is that Acid is still king—in terms of consistency, general composition, and taste. However, that’s not to say that the Natural isn’t worth smoking, because it certainly is—especially at its current pricing. Just because the cigar isn’t better than the king of infused smokes in Acid doesn’t at all mean that it’s not worth enjoying.

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