Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Toro

Product Name:Nicaraguan Selection 3000
Brand:Famous Smoke
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The Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Toro is a well-blended, smooth, and very affordable cigar exclusively sold through the Famous Smoke Shop. Those seeking a full-bodied smoke with an even and smooth taste should look no further. There are quite a few different flavors in the 3000, all of which culminate to create an excellent overall taste. The cigar is largely well-composed, and will burn evenly throughout the entire experience. The value is incredible for the 3000 at the price that it’s being sold for; it is an all-around excellent smoke.

The taste of the 3000 is extremely well-blended, and a very pleasant surprise for full-bodied fans that have experienced smokes with relatively poor flavor blends (which are fairly common within full-bodied cigars). There are hints of spice, pepper, and a plethora of other flavors that culminate to create an overall enjoyable and very smooth taste in the 3000. There isn’t any harshness to mention in the cigar; once again, the quality of the tobacco blend is excellent. A lot of time and energy must have been put into this cigar’s development; it’s hard to find another full-bodied smoke that’s as smooth and good-tasting as the 3000—regardless of the price.

The composition of the 3000 is also excellent. The wrapper stays largely intact throughout the smoke, although a few small pieces may become loose. None of these minor and potential defects will inhibit the smoking experience, however. The draw of the 3000 stays loose throughout as well—it’s never difficult to pull smoke from this well-crafted cigar. Additionally, the burn stays even throughout the cigar’s forty-five minute or so light. Compared to cigars of similar prices especially, but even when compared to more expensive smokes, the 3000 is a very well-composed cigar. If the build of the 3000 was of the same general quality as that of cigars available at a similar price,  it would be hard to recommend. Luckily, the cigar has an overall excellent composition.

The value of the 3000 is where the cigar really jumps ahead of the competition. At around $2 per stick for the Toro (a bit more for other sizes), the value of the smoke that you get with the 3000 is excellent. The cigar is once again especially well-suited for an everyday smoke, and there really isn’t any reason to not have this cigar inside your humidor— although the demand for the cigar has made availability a bit inconsistent. If you see these smokes available (especially in your preferred build) you should seize the opportunity to make the purchase.

Overall, the 3000 is an awesome smoke. It’s well-blended and good-tasting—it’s really rare to enjoy a full-bodied cigar that is this balanced in terms of flavor. There may be some minor construction issues in the wrapper, but nothing that inhibits the smoke. The burn of the cigar stays even and the draw stays smooth, all the way until the last puff. The overall value of the 3000, with all of these things considered, is excellent. Developing a cigar that’s this good-tasting and enjoyable overall is a great way to draw additional customers in—Famous Smoke Shop certainly understands this!   If you haven’t tried one of these cigars yet, you really shouldn’t delay. It will be difficult to find a better overall value than that of the 3000. The Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Toro gets a 4.5/5.

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