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Product Name:Gurkha Trident
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The Gurkha Trident Toro is a comparatively low-quality smoke from the world-famous Gurkha line, with a price that is commonly reduced. The Trident Toro tastes alright, but will become generally harsh at various points of the smoke—most notably the end. Furthermore, while some sticks aren’t very harsh, others are; there is a lot of individual variation from stick-to-stick. The cigar is largely well-composed, but just like the taste, the quality of this composition will vary from smoke-to-smoke—some sticks will need to be re-lit, and others will burn perfectly until the last puff. Anyone who smokes the Trident regularly will certainly be sweating before each cigar is lit! The value of the Trident Toro is solid (in terms of tobacco received for he price), even with this generally inconsistent quality, and overall—for the commonly reduced price— it may be worth a purchase. A single should be tried first, however; many will jump right into a large purchase because of the price, but even at its best, the Trident isn’t close to as good as other Gurkha smokes available for the same (or a lower) price.

The taste of the Trident Toro once again varies from stick-to-stick, but is reasonable at its best. Notes of leather, coffee, pepper and several other flavors exist in the smoke, and are reasonably blended in their own right. However, a general harshness—ranging from subtle to powerful—does exist in the cigar. It’s best if the Trident is given ample time to season inside your humidor before being enjoyed, should you decide to make the purchase.

The composition of the Trident Toro once again varies from stick-to-stick, from very good to poor. Most sticks will lean towards medium-quality in terms of composition, however. Moreover, the problems that the Trident presents in terms of composition are directly related to the burn; wrappers won’t come loose or begin to hang very often, and the draw of the smoke(s), while not terribly plentiful, is relatively consistent. Overall, the majority of the Trident Toros are reasonably composed smokes.

The value of the Trident will depend on the price that one pays (as they are commonly being discounted), and how he or she feels about the taste. It won’t strike anyone as the best ever, but if it’s a cigar that a smoker is comfortable enough enjoying on the regular basis, the Trident is probably worth a purchase. The composition, in the majority of the sticks, isn’t bad enough to ruin the experience for someone who enjoys this taste. However, as was said, a single should absolutely be tried before a box of Tridents is purchased due mainly to the price. There are quite a few discounted Gurkha smokes at any given time, many of which aren’t just better than the Trident, but are excellent (the Beauty comes to mind).

Overall, the Trident isn’t terrible, but it is by no means great. The smoke might be worth purchasing for the right price, to the right smoker, but as has been said but still needs to be stressed yet again, a single really should be tried before the box is purchased.

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