Hesitant Pirate

Product Name:Hesitant Pirate
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Occasionally, a cigar like the Hesitant Pirate comes along, out of nowhere, and just fits in. It doesn’t reinvent the cigar, or become one’s favorite smoke, but does enough to hang around. It doesn’t rub smokers the wrong way, but doesn’t become a hit amongst the cigar masses either. Upon reflection, despite one’s feelings initially, the Hesitant Pirate is one of these cigars that just fits in. That’s not at all a bad thing, and many cigar brands could learn from the Pirate.

The Hesitant Pirate doesn’t have a sophisticated taste. It doesn’t become bitter, overpowering, or unenjoyable at any point. The cigar is also very, very mild—a great, in part because of this, smoke for new and causal smokers. It isn’t particularly flavorful, and doesn’t leave one with any particular inclination as to exactly what taste was just experienced; putting a flavoring on the cigar, or describing its tastes, would be difficult. However, the Hesitant Pirate certainly doesn’t taste bad. While it’s not very assuming, powerful, flavorful, or sophisticated, the taste is actually a welcome normal experience that can be most conveniently described as tasting like cigar. To reiterate, this isn’t a bad thing, or an overly good one. Like the Hesitant Pirate itself, it just is.

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