Isla Del Sol Robusto

Product Name:Isla Del Sol
Brand:Drew Estate’s
Strength/Body:Mild to Medium
Isla Del Sol Robusto
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Drew Estate’s Isla Del Sol Robusto is an excellent cigar that further demonstrates that the company is the king of infused smokes. The cigar’s well-composed tobacco blend and well-thought infusion taste result in an overall experience that is smooth, flavorful, and enjoyable, and won’t become harsh or unenjoyable at any point of the light. The Sol has the same high-quality composition that Estate fans have come to expect from all of the brand’s offerings, and will burn evenly and smoothly, while boasting a free draw. The value of the Isla Del Sol is excellent, at right around three dollars and fifty cents per stick through a box order. It further clarifies, once again, that Drew Estate sits proudly atop the now-crowded field of infused offerings.

The taste of the cigar is similar to that of most other Drew Estate smokes, in that it is sweet and boasts a top-quality tobacco composition. As is worth mentioning in every infused review, however, the smoke (and the infused type as a whole) isn’t for everyone, and a single stick should be enjoyed before placing a large order. The Sol’s taste is smoother than the Natural, and is right up there with Acid (housing a taste that, although different, reminds one of the Blondie). Compared directly to Acids, the Sol is slightly less sweet, but this less-powerful sweetness will be noticeable for a longer time throughout the smoke. This creates an additional level of smoothness and enjoyment that most smokers are sure to appreciate. In short, the Isla Del Sol has the honor of being similar, in quality, to the Acid Blondie; what more needs to be said?

Similar to just about every Drew Estate smoke, the Isla Del Sol is composed to an excellent degree of quality. Its wrapper is strong and durable, and won’t become loose or crack at any point of the smoke. The cigar burns evenly, draws well, and is simply a real treat (in terms of pure composition) to smoke. There is no need to worry about the build of an Isla Del Sol; it tastes similar to most Acid cigars, and is also composed in a style that is reminiscent of the ultra-popular brand.

The value of the Sol is outstanding. For the awesome-tasting and reliably composed smoke that one is receiving, three-fifty is an excellent deal. Moreover, the cigar appears to be fairly commonly reduced in price and put on sale, making it an even better deal for smokers!

Isla Del Sol is in a tough spot, mainly due to the numerous other awesome smokes that also populate the Drew Estate-banner. With this competition aside, it really is an excellent cigar that should be enjoyed; hopefully it doesn’t get lost in the cracks. To call it better than an Acid outright would likely be an exaggeration, but the Isla Del Sol Robusto is certainly inside the same quality ballpark. One can rest assured that the Sol will be enjoyable—from the first puff to the last.

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