La Gloria Cubana Reserva

Product Name:Coleccion Reserva
Brand:La Gloria Cubana
La Gloria Cubana Reserva
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The La Gloria Cubana Reserva are made by El Credito for General Cigar. The Reserva Figurados come in many different odd shapes that is a nice change. Visit to see the complete line up. So what do they have to say about this cigar?

The History

In 2004, Ernesto created a new collection of La Gloria Cubanas featuring all Figurados shapes. The Figurado cigars are the optimal size and shape for maximizing the exceptional blend of tobacco.

The Cigar

The cigar is filled with four-year old aged Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco, specially grown for Ernesto, then it undergoes a special “cedar aging” process where all the components are aged together in specially designed cedar bins for six months. Then they are expertly handcrafted by two “Grade 7″ master rollers and the cigars are box aged for three additional months.

The Experience:
Distinctively rich and smooth on the palate, the collection is balanced and complex.

Cigar Stats

Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuadoran Sumatra
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Strength: medium-full

The Review

Pre-light: A beautiful cigar, the shape is not “the norm” so people will ask you about it. If you have a foot fetish you will love the look of this cigar. Solid construction with no soft spots and a smooth cap. The wrapper did peel a little before I put fire to it. The pre-draw is firm but not as firm as you would think due to the small opening in the foot. A slight tobacco flavor comes from the cold draw.

The burn: It is hard not to get a good even light with this cigar. You get a medium amount of smoke when you first light up but once the narrow foot is ash you get what I consider as a perfect draw and a good amount of smoke. The burn line is good all the way down never needing any touch ups. The ash is a nice black/white lasting almost to the band. The part of the wrapper that peeled never turned into an issue with the burn line going right through it like it never existed.

The taste: Nutty for the most part with hints of sweetness for the first third. The next third turns a little more woody with mild spice finish. The last part of this cigar turns a little more spicy with a hint of bitterness.

Over all: Nice size, nice look, nice smoke. The box price on these small cigars are about $4.50 and I agree with that price. Just the workmanship of the rollers are worth that and the smoking pleasure you will get out of this lil’ beauty is a bonus. A well worthy smoke if you want a shorty.

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