MJ Frias The Ultimate Cigar

Product Name:The Ultimate Cigar
Brand:M. J. Frias
MJ Frias The Ultimate Cigar
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MJ Frias’ The Ultimate Cigar is a surprisingly enjoyable cigar that smokers should certainly purchase, when it’s encountered (as it appears to be reasonably rare). The taste of the cigar is mellow, smooth, and balanced, boasting a bit of nut and a diverse and carefully selected group of additional flavors—all of which complement the others well. The Ultimate is also built to an impressive degree of quality, drawing smoothly and burning evenly until the final puff. Although it’s hard to find (through an online search; I received this stick through a sampler), there have been prices of just a couple of dollars tossed around for the Ultimate; at this cost, it’s an absolute bargain. Overall, the Ultimate isn’t actually the “ultimate cigar”—but it’s pretty darn good, and will pleasantly surprise most smokers.

The taste of the Ultimate, as was mentioned, is smooth and balanced. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact variety of flavors inside a stick that’s this diverse, but smokers can rest assured that there is a surprising amount of complexity here. Regardless of which flavors are prominent during the burn, the taste outputted by the Ultimate is always rich and enjoyable; this is a very well-blended cigar. Although the flavors of the smoke culminate well, it should be mentioned that the end of the cigar does present a bit of harshness; perhaps this is so noticeable due to the comparative quality of the rest of the cigar’s burn, but it should nevertheless be mentioned. Overall, the taste of the Ultimate is impressive enough to resonate positively with most smokers on its own. Even better, the cigar is well-composed.

The Ultimate has a strong wrapper and great overall build. Although it takes a bit longer than most smokes to get lit, the Ultimate doesn’t slow down once it gets going, burning for around forty-five minutes. There really isn’t a whole lot to complain about during this burn, outside of an occasional, self-correcting detour by the main light. As was mentioned, the cigar draws well—albeit not quite as freely as some smokers may be used to. This is likely by design, and one should make no mistake about it: the Ultimate’s draw won’t become difficult or labored at any point. A strong wrapper, even burn, and free draw make for an excellently composed smoke here.

The value of the Ultimate is hard to pinpoint, as the cigar is rather difficult to find. Not abundantly available through most online retailers, the Ultimate’s rarity makes it even more interesting, overall. As was also said, the prices that have been mentioned for the cigar (which also make sense, given the value of the sampler that I received it in) are around $2—an absolute bargain! Overall, for any price less than $4, the value of the Ultimate is decidedly impressive.

An enjoyable and impressive overall cigar, the Ultimate will once again surprise many (just as it did me). Its excellent overall taste, impressive composition, and generally low price will help to assure that it allows smokers to enjoy a pleasant surprise. It’s hard to say where the Ultimate will be encountered, but when you see it available for purchase (for a reasonable price), it’s certainly worth it.

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