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I have been on Oliva kick lately going back and forth from the Serie O and G. I have been enjoying the smaller cigar also so I picked my favorite size of this line, the Special G. Weighing in at only 3.75 x 48 it makes the perfect size for a lunch break smoke. These come in boxes of 48 so you are sure to have plenty to go around.

Information from www.olivacigar.com:

Serie G is a medium body blend made with authentic African-Cameroon wrapper. The unique flavor notes of theis wrapper are complimented by the natural richness of Nicaraguan Habano fillers.

Blending Notes: Medium body with notes of cedar and coffee
Aging: Cameroon is a thin wrapper with little oils, its flavor will changed little from aging.

Cigar Stats

Wrapper: Cameroon (African)
Cuban-Seed Habano
Nicaraguan Habano
3.75 x 48
Vitolas: 10 Natural
Strength: Medium

The Cigar Review


This golden brown cigar is a looker. Small and tapered with the largest part close to the foot. The foot closes back up making for an easy light. The cap fits the cigar well. I used a punch on this cigar and it did crack just a little. The common Oliva band slides off very easy from about the midway point of the cigar back over the small ring head. The wrapper has some veins but nothing that will mess with the burn.

The burn

On this cigar I had a little trouble getting it going. It wanted to go out on me twice before the ash rounded the large part of the cigar. With that said I do not remember this being an issue on the others I have had. Once it did make it past the foot things opened up and you get an easy draw and tons of smoke. You get a train like effect from this cigar as it sits in the ashtray with the smoke being moderate. The burn on the first third is nice and even. Getting into the next third it went off some and needed a touch up. After that it had a good burn for the remainder of the smoke. The grey/black ash is firm and fell only when I wanted it to at little over 1/3 of the cigar.

The taste

I picked up coffee (in the beginning) , wood (maybe cedar) and a little sourness. The flavors pretty much stayed constant all the way down with a nice medium finish. One note to make is you can smoke these to fast fairly easy since the ring gauge gets smaller as you smoke. I have ran into some charred/bitter wood flavors by doing this. It reminds me to slow down!

Over all

At under $2.50 a stick even at 5-pack prices these are a great deal and I think they are a little under valued. That makes these a bargain cigar and when you nub it as I did you will be happy you picked up more at that price. Even though I like the maduro version better I would not hesitate to pick these up when ever I’m running low. These will always have room in my humidor and they are cheap enough to smoke on a regular basis.

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