Oliva Serie O Robusto Cigar Review

Product Name:Serie O
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I picked up some Oliva Serie O smokes a while back since I have yet to try one. Boy am I glad I did, these are some good cigars. The Oliva site says this cigar should be stored between 70% and 78% humidity to preserve the natural oil during aging. I wish all the manufacturers had aging information on their sites.

Here is some more information from the Oliva site:

Serie O is a Nicaraguan Puro. Made in the original Cuban tradition of growing the same Habano seed in diverse regions of the country to produce a distinct blend. This blend was achieved by growing Habano in Esteli, Condega and Jalapa Valley.

Cigar Stats

Wrapper: Sun-Grown Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan Habano
Filler: Nicaraguan Habano
Size: 5X50
Vitolas: 9 Natural
Price: $75.95

The Cigar Review


This cigar is caramel in color and is as solid as a rock. No soft spots and it has a nicely placed head that cut with no issue. It has a couple mid sized veins running through it. The pre-draw had spice on the tongue and lips.

The burn

The burn has stayed consistent on the 3 cigars I have had. Perfect until you drop the ash. It would go off a little but have itself corrected in the matter of minutes. The ash is white with very little grey in it lasting the first third only dropping with a soft tap.

The taste

A spicy cedar for the most part. I also picked up a little celery and caramel but I’m lacking in this department. Some days I can find them and some days my palate doesn’t know what the hell is going on. Most days I just know if I like it or not and this one I like.

Over all

Very solid medium to full body smoke. If you like fuller body cigars and get a chance to pick a couple up I suggest you do. On a side note it did not pair very well with my Captain and Coke like the Partagas Black Label did so I would pass on that combo. It came to a point tonight where I had to chose between my drink or this cigar, the cigar won.

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