Tabak Especial Toro Coffee

Product Name:Tabak Especial Coffee
Brand:Drew Estate
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The Tabak Especial Toro Coffee Infused cigar is another excellent smoke by Drew Estate (the parent company of Acid cigars). The cigar is as well-constructed and built as fans of Drew Estate have come to expect from brands under the banner, but offers a bit of a contrast to the wildly popular Acid cigars, in its overall taste, which is milder and more subtle. The Tabak Especial wears the Drew Estate name well.

The taste of the Toro is different from that of the Acid brand, as mentioned, because it is milder and less-pronounced in its presentation. It strikes a perfect balance between plain cigars and the Acids, and appeals to many cigar smokers that find the Acid to be too “over the top”. This taste is coffee infused (as the wrapper indicates), but also features hints of chocolate and cocoa. The balance of these elements remains consistent throughout the smoke, and they never contradict or overpower each other, or become bitter or unpleasant. The taste doesn’t take any big leaps, especially as fans of Drew Estate have come to expect—and it isn’t meant to. The entire flavor of the cigar relies on foregoing the big leaps that made the Acid so popular. This predictability will probably cause the cigar to remain less popular than the Acid brand for the entirety of its existence—and that’s by no fault of its own.

The composition of the cigar is as good as you’ve come to expect from the Drew Estate brand. The cigars stay entirely together, and don’t have any wrapper pieces or tobacco that will come loose. The cigar is perfectly rolled, and offers a solid draw that doesn’t become difficult at any point. Expect the smoke to last about forty minutes (there may be a variation in your experience, as the relatively mild nature of the cigar may allow for certain smokers to enjoy it at a quicker rate). The burn of the cigar, accordingly, stays even and balanced throughout the entire smoke. Tabaks are similar to their Acid cousins in this way—their high-quality composition and top-line builds allow them to burn evenly and consistently. Whether or not you enjoy the taste, you can rest assured that your cigar will be well-made and technically excellent when you purchase anything from Drew Estate.

The Tabak offers a nice contrast to the Acid. Evidently, those that complained that the Acids were too sweet were heard by Drew Estate, and presented with an infused cigar that’s won’t be overshadowed in quality by any other brand under the name. Additionally, enjoyers of Acid will appreciate this cigar as well. Although it’s not as pronounced as anything Acid, the Tabak is still a tasty smoke. It’s a bit more full-bodied than the Acids as well, which may also be a part of the Acid that Drew Estate took into account when making this cigar. Granted, it’s not significantly more powerful than Acids, but there is a little bit more power here.

The Tabak Especial Toro Coffee Infused Cigar is excellent. It’s tasty, well-made, affordable, and enjoyable. It does nothing but further account for the quality of Drew Estate cigars, and offers a viable alternative option for those that enjoy a great cigar, but aren’t sold on the overall taste and potency of the Acid. It doesn’t take too many chances, and it isn’t supposed to; that’s the way that the Tabak Especial Toro was designed.

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