Cohiba Humidor- A list of The Most Popular

Cohiba Humidor

Humidors are a must-have item for the cigar enthusiast. High end products like the Cohiba humidor are built using the latest techniques to ensure the cigars are housed in an environment that gives a constant humidity range of 65% to 70%, which is the preferred range for cigar storage.

Cohiba humidors are among the premium-grade humidors for those wishing to maintain the freshness and taste of the cigars. Cohiba is known for manufacturing some of the finest Dominican Republic and Cuban cigars which use Vuelta Abajo’s tobacco which endures a special fermentation procedure.

It doesn’t matter if a person is an occasional cigar smoker or has a large collection of branded cigars, a humidor will make sure the cigars are kept intact and in pristine condition. A great aspect of the Cohiba humidor is the stylish designs which come in plenty of styles and designs and range in size from small to large.

Cohiba humidors are at the high end of the market and manufactured in exotic woods with lining and dividers in Spanish cedar and finished with the yellow checkerboard design and Cohiba logo. Plus, the preferred humidity is retained by using a secure lid seal which is lockable.

Here are several of the popular products:

Cohiba 50 cigar humidor

Cohiba Humidor: the original box styled humidor comes in the custom colors of the company and measures in the region of 12 inches x 9 ½ inches x 5 ¼ inches. It is handcrafted and lined with Spanish cedar and includes built in humidifiers and a digital hygrometer. This spacious box has the capacity to accept 60-70 cigars.

Cohiba Porcelain Humidor: a fancy porcelain jar is styled in the typical yellow color associated with this brand and includes a built-in humidifier. It is designed to retain excellent moisture retention and aroma for up to 25 cigars.

Cohiba Car Humidor: a versatile on-the-go edition of the Cohiba humidor with a capacity to accept up to 8 cigars. It is built to easily install in a vehicle and attaches to a flat surface via a Velcro based mat. An internal tray holds the cigars, which opens by pressing a button.

Cohiba Leather Travel Humidor: this travel humidor is made in Napa leather in either black or tan and keeps cigars well protected and humidified while on-the-go. It is sized 8 inches x 4 inches x 1 ¾ inches and gives enough space to accept 4-5 cigars.

Limited edition

Cohiba also manufactures a stunning collection of limited production humidors. The Black Cohiba Humidor (limited to 350 units) is hand-made in high-gloss lacquer and given a high sheen finish for a polished look. The interior of the humidor is lined with a Spanish cedar and includes a nickel plated lock, premium hinges, and a removable cigar tray. The built-in humidifier and hydrometer help to provide the perfect environment for the cigars. It is size 12 inches x 9 inches x 5 inches and designed to accept a capacity of up to 75 cigars.

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