Good Cigars for Beginners

Cigars, at least the premium ones made with aged tobaccos, are simply among the finer things in life. For the connoisseurs, having a collection of first-rate cigars in their humidor is a delight. Cigar smoking offers a relaxing moment as one puffs with it, enjoying the rich, flavorful aroma up to the last inch of the cigar. While for others, smoking a cigar is an art.

When you’re a beginner, it may be tempting to start with the machine-rolled gas station cigars because they’re cheaper. This is definitely a bad idea, as the stogies will basically turn you off from the cigar world.

You don’t have to be left with these poor choices just because you are new to the world of cigar smoking. Why? Because there are definitely cigars that are well suited for cigar beginners yet still bears the right balance, taste, and strength.

Here are some of the great products that you can try with:

Arturo Fuente Hemingway

Those who knew the Arturo Fuente cigars understand that the pleasing whiff and flavorful taste of these products can be attributed with how the Fuente family. The makers meticulously selected their tobaccos from the best crops for fermentation and aging.

The taste and strength of the Arturo Fuente line generally ranges from medium to full-bodied. But the Hemingway series, named after the distinguished cigar-smoking American novelist, is milder from the rest and a nice cigar, making it an ideal cigar for beginners.

The Hemingway is hand rolled using rare African Cameroon leaves as wrapper around the long vintage Dominican fillers. It is a beautiful figurado-shaped cigar that exudes light leathery and nutty flavors with a bit of spice. It also burns slowly, giving you great value for the money as you get to relax and enjoy for quite some time.

Romeo y Julieta 1875 Churchill Tubo

Since 1875, Romeo y Julieta has been a renowned and iconic brand for smokers around the world – both beginners and connoisseurs. The cigars are handmade in Dominican Republic. Filled with fine, long-filler Brazilian/Dominican tobacco, it is then wrapped in shade-grown, medium brown Java wrappers and finally held together with Dominican binder.

The Romeo y Julieta 1875 Churchill Tubo is a medium-strength cigar that gives off a delightful flavor of coffee and oak blends. Smokers love the smooth taste that this cigar offers, making it an ideal everyday cigar that everyone should have in their humidor.

The great thing about the 1875 Churchill Tubo is that it comes in tubes, making them more convenient to carry around or to keep in storage.

Macanudo Hyde Park

This cigar offers a smooth taste, thanks to its double-aged, triple-fermented tobaccos. Besides, when it comes to the Macanudo brand, you can always count on the cigars to be flavorful, aromatic and easy to draw. In fact, it’s the most renowned premium cigar in the world!

Because of its mild taste of fresh herbs, almonds, and cashews, the Hyde Park has been a favorite of many cigar aficionados. It is also one of the best cigars for beginners. It has Dominican and Mexican fillers wrapped in true Connecticut shade-grown, light brown leaves and bound with Mexican binder.
An individual’s choice of cigars may differ from another person particularly for beginners. What other people love may not necessarily be something that suits your taste. Thus, it’s important to experiment on different premium brands to familiarize with the different flavors and aroma as well as to identify your favorite ones.

Once you have acquired your preferred taste and have exposed yourself to various high-quality cigar, you can progress to more expert-level tastes. So go ahead and enjoy learning about the different cigars in the market.

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