How to Store Cigars

Every new aficionado will need a way to store their cigars. Doing it the correct way is important to protect your treasured stogies. In this article we will answer the question, how to store cigars. We will go over multiple ways and price ranges so you are sure to find an option that works for you.

How to Store Cigars

Desktop Humidor

The most common way to store cigars is a desktop humidor. These come in different price ranges and is small enough to fit on a desk. These are normally decorative to match the surrounding room. These types of humidors usually hold between 25 and 100 cigars depending on what size you purchase. We put up an article a while back called Your First Humidor that you might want to check out. If you are looking for tips on purchasing a desktop humidor. You can find some nice humidors here. Just make sure to read customer reviews.

Cigar Coolidor

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If you are wanting to start mass collecting or aging cigars then a coolidor makes a good choice. A coolidor is made out of a cooler giving you a lot of room to store and age cigars. With the tight lid, these make a great option as a large humidor. The price for building a coolidor to store cigars is fairly cheap and a basic one can be made for under $50. This will give you enough room to store boxes upon boxes of cigars. has some great instruction on how to make one.

Cedar Chest

If do not mind taking on a larger project you can create a large humidor out of a cedar chest. This will be a lot more work than building a coolidor but they are well worth it. This nice furniture piece will come with a large $500+ price tag if you do it right. If you have the money this will make a very nice addition to your house.

Humidor Cabinet

Humidor cabinets are another choice to store a large amount of cigars. These are usually another expensive option but again worth the price. These come as furniture pieces (end table) and cabinet style with a see through glass front. A good option if you want to display your cigars.

Other Options

There are a couple other cheap options for people just beginning in the cigar hobby. One is to use Tupperware and another is a glass jar. With a tight secure lid they do a better job then you would think. This is recommended for people that only keeps a couple cigars at a time that doesn’t plan on ageing them.

Any way you go with storing cigars it is important to make sure you season your humidor, use a humidification Device and to use a hygrometer (make sure you salt test it).

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