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Most Expensive Cigar

Cigars are commonly associated with successful people who have gained a certain degree of wealth and power.

Classic cigars are manufactured worldwide, but it is the Cuban cigars that are the most rated, the most heavenly and the most expensive cigar brands. The most praised cigars are hand-made with skill and use the best leaves. First time cigar users might be surprised with the cost of some of the high-end cigars in the market.

A variety of factors can impact the value of a cigar. Such consideration includes the history of its makers, country of origin, and quality of the tobacco leaves. A combination of these factors helps to determine the overall quality and worth of the cigars.

Cigar enthusiasts are willing to invest a small fortune on the some of the world’s most expensive and finest cigars.

Ridiculously Costly Most Expensive Cigars

A cigar brand renowned for producing the Rolls Royce of cigars is Gurkha. This high-end cigar company has the ability to blend premium vintage tobacco with magnificent packaging. Gurkha is famous for not only producing some of the most coveted cigars, but also the most expensive cigar: namely the His Majesty’s Reserve (HMR) blend.

The His Majesty’s Reserve is extremely rare with production limited to 75 boxes per year. This cigar blend is made with tobacco left to age for 18 years and soaks in some of the world’s most expensive Louis XIII cognac. Plus, the tobacco is wrapped with a 12 year old Dominican binder and 15 year Connecticut Maduro wrapper.

While the box of 20 His Majesty’s Reserve cigars can cost $25,000 ($1250 per cigar) the taste and aroma of this blend is certain to be something that isn’t likely to be forgotten. Each cigar is 8 ½ inches in length and has a 52 inch ring size. With a waiting list in the region of 3 years, these cigars are extremely rare and only available to purchase at some of the most exclusive cigar shops in the world.

Even at this price the His Majesty’s Reserve cigars are still in demand by the elite and a box of these cigars is expected to increase in the near future to $30,000.

Other high-end blends for cigar include the Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario, Cohiba Behike, Arturo Fuente Opus X Ltd, and Gurkha Black Dragon. The most expensive cigar blends are rare and difficult to source because they are often produced in limited numbers or for special occasions.

Vintage cigar auctions

Very old and aged cigars sold at auction can attract a lot of interest worldwide with the final cost based entirely on the interest and bidding activity. Most cigar auctions get the best price on the vintage and limited edition cigars. A box of 20 1980’s Davidoff Dom Perpignon cigars can cost $7,500 at auction. A cabinet of 100 Santa Cubana Magnificos cigars from the 1940’s – 1950’s can cost $30,000. And a cabinet of 25 Partagas Fox cigars in pristine condition can cost $22,500 at auction.

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