Types of Humidification Devices: How To Keep Cigars

So what is the best humidification device for your humidor? Lets take a look of our choices.

Humidor Oasis Floral FoamOasis Floral Foam is a green foam that can be found at your Walmart or hobby store for cheap. Most of the round plastic and plastic humidifiers that come with new humidors have this is it. They are good because they hold a lot of distilled water and you can cut it down to the size you need. Make sure to get the oasis foam made for live flowers and most use 50/50 solution (thanks Herfnerd). The down side is you might have to reload it every week or two and your humidor could get to much RH (Relative Humidity) causing possible mold.

spomgeSponge is used is some of the other small plastic or metal humidifiers you pick up at your local tobacco outlet. Most use this with a 50/50 solution. You might find that you run into the same trouble as the foam and will be filling this on a weekly or biweekly basis. Sponges are also known to grow mold. This is not the best long term solution but will get you by until you get something better.

Cigar Oasis II XL ReviewCigar Oasis is a self-contained unit made up of three pieces, the upper control unit, the lower replaceable distilled water cartridge and the battery pack. The unit is ready to operate on batteries or outlet power. Filters and circulates the air inside the humidor eliminating “musty” odor commonly associated with well sealed humidors. The unit recovers rapidly to the controlled humidity after the humidor has been accessed and comes preset at 70% humidity but can be changed to what ever works best for you. The con of these are the price. They run around $100.


Humidification Beads are a little harder to find you and you will probably have to get these online. These come preset 60% 65% and 70% so you can not adjust them. They regulate the humidity, so they let off humidity if it drops down below the given tolerance and it collects moisture if it raises above. This should give you a constant level at the level you chose. If you have a good seal and you should have to charge these with distilled water about once a month if that. You can get these in a bag by the pound if you have lets say a cooli’dor or you can get them in holding devices. Heartfelt sells them by the pound, in a tube for your humidor or in a metal case if you need to replace a larger floral foam device. If you would like to save room in your humidor and replace the round cheap plastic humidifier that came on the lid of your humidor The Puck (see below) is for you. This is ideal for most any desktop humidor. Some old timers shy away from RH beads and I don’t know why. These seem to be the latest trend in the cigar hobby, I personally have never had trouble with them.


HumidipakHumidipak offers maintenance-free reed storage. The patented Humidipak technology uses two-way humidity control to keep your reed tips flat and prevent cracking and warping. When the pack becomes hard, discard and replace with a new pack. These come in preset humidity levels and you should be able to find these at your local shop. One pack should take care of a 50 cigar humidor. These are good if your sending cigars through the mail or you do not have a travel humidor. Throw this and you cigars in a zip lock bag or a plastic Tupperware container and your ready to go.


Crystal Gel contain a humidity-balancing solution of propylene glycol, so you’re assured of a slow, steady release of moisture and constant humidity of 65-70%. Each refill with water typically lasts 1 to 2 months, and each jar can be refilled over and over for up to a year before replacing. These are not for you if you don’t want to give up room in your humi but if you’re looking for a cheap system that will last it might be. They run around $10. You can also get something similar to this in tubes called Drymistat Crystal Humidification.


Humid-EZE fits easily in most any air-tight container or factory cigar box. Each cup has a water-based solution that evaporates through a micro-porous membrane helping maintain 70% RH for up to 30 days. These are good if you have a box of cigars with no humidor, or for a trip. They run about $1 each and most come in a sleeve of 12. You can find these at most online shops. These are harder to find these days but your local B&M may carry them.

Like said above The Puck was designed to replace your round plastic humidifier in the top of you desktop humidor. It is RH Beads that come in a set up that is easy to replace. Read my review of The Puck.

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