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Who is is ran by people who love cigars. We share our opinion through cigar reviews and love to share stogie deals that we find with others.

Our mission is to help new cigar smokers in a way that helps them enjoy the hobby. The cigar hobby is loaded with personal opinions, some who think that if you do not agree, your a “nob” that should just get lost. We are hear as a friendly voice and help “nobs” making up their own minds.

Why we share cigar deals

We are kinda cheap, we love to find good stogie deals online and why not share them? We are passionate about cigars and like to share. Finding a new cigar to try is one of the things in this hobby that is not only fund but endless.

There are so many cigars out there, it is impossible to try them all. Some cigars are not worth trying and others can be a diamond in the rough.

What Kind of Cigar do You Review

We are not stuck on one type of cigar. We love all types that range from flavored cigars, top shelf to bundle cigars. You will find a large variety of cigar reviews from us and our readers.

Top shelf cigars

Most people review the top of the line in cigars. Something you would find in Cigar Aficionado top 10 list. Sure, most of these are good and your paying top dollar for them. It is always fun to get the best ratings from the year and see how you think they hold up against their scores. But let me tell you something that most people don’t know. Some of the top rated cigars are, in my eye, taste like crap. Why is this? Well, you can read the next section on what makes the best cigar but beyond that, I believe companies can pay to have a cigar on that list.

If you pay attention to cigar reviews throughout the year, you will find some of those cigars getting some pretty flat reviews. Once those cigars hit a place like the top cigar magazine, the net will explode with reviews matching the ratings. Again, not all but just think for yourself and get cigar reviews from more than one place.

Bundle Cigars

When was the last time you bragged about buying a cigar that comes in a bundle? I’m here to tell you that you can find some very good bundled cigars. In fact, one of my go-to cigars comes in a bundle. If you like full bodied cigars that are complex, I suggest you check out our cigar review of theĀ Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000. You can thank me after giving it a try. My point is, keep an open mind, there are some real steals out there on bundle cigars. You will just go through more bad stogies to find that jackpot.

What is The Best Cigar

When asking what is the best cigar, there are a couple things to keep in mind. 1. everyone has a different preference. 2. Cigars can taste different to different people. Not everyone has the sameĀ taste palette. It also depends on how you smoke a cigar. Some people puff way too fast which will make the cigar smoke hotter than someone taking their time to enjoy it.

So the best cigar is going to be different from person to person and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Heck, I know people that make fun of cigar smokers that enjoy flavored cigars like Acid. They say, its not a real cigar. I think that is total bull junk. Cigars are just like everything else in life, you like what you like. So yes, you will find Acid cigar reviews here.

In the end, the best cigar is the one you like the most. That adventure is part of the fun of smoking cigars. We suggest that you review the cigars you smoke and keep them to go back and look at in the future. We also suggest to read reviews from multiple sources (blogs) to get different opinions